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Sampson sheriff, state ALE seize 200 illegal gambling machines | Crime & Courts

AUTRYVILLE - One-third of the state's Alcohol Law Enforcement agents in the state descended on Sampson County Thursday in hopes of eradicating its illegal gambling establishments.

About 200 sweepstakes and video poker machines were seized at five locations throughout the county by 21 ALE agents and 22 members of the Sampson County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Jimmy Thorton requested the ALE's assistance in early 2015 after receiving multiple complaints from residents about illegal gambling occurring in his county.

"They were taking food away from families," Thorton said when asked why he decided to contact the ALE regarding the illegal gambling establishments. "It's an addiction."

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Daily fantasy sports and compulsive gamblers may not mix

The surging popularity of daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings is raising concerns among organizations that work with compulsive gamblers.

Unlike traditional fantasy games that last for a season, DFS games provide weekly and sometimes daily payouts, which make them enticing to many players. Though exact figures aren't available, the self-help groups say they've been in touch with individuals who have overextended themselves from wagering on FanDuel and DraftKings.

Experts worry that the problem will get worse if these games keep gaining popularity. The DFS industry will collect $3.7 billion in entry fees this year, skyrocketing to $17.7 billion by

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Assessing for problem gambling pays off.

If you treat adults, you've provided care to someone who has agambling disorder--whether you knew it or not.

You won't find your clients volunteering information about their gambling behavior, although between 25 and 63 percent of pathological gamblers meet criteria for a lifetime substance abuse disorder (Crockford, 1998). Surveys of substance abusers in treatment reveal that from 9 to 30 percent meet criteria for gambling problems (Lesieur, 1986).

Data from multiple sources suggest that problem gambling poses a threat to health. Increased awareness and early intervention are the keys to reducing the personal, family and social costs of pr

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Should the U.S. allow gambling on elections?

Story highlightsYou can bet on just about anything in Las VegasBut not politicsFor years, Vaccaro has watched billions of dollars pour into Nevada for sports betting. And he dreams of extending casino gambling to political elections.

"We've been saying for the past thirty years, what is wrong with it? What's the sense in not being able to do that, since we can book just about everything else?" Vaccaro told CNN. "Why send all this money offshore or to illegal bookies when we can regulate it and tax it and everybody can make some money doing it properly."

The effort has had little success.

Casino gambling on elections is currently illegal throughout the country. A Nevada lawmaker proposed opening the state to political wagering in 2014, but the bill died before making it to the state legislature's floor. Would-be gamblers can participate in small-scale prediction markets used for research purposes like PredictIt that heavily restrict the amount of money one can wager, but for the most part, the practice falls outside state and federal law.

Betting on elections was once common and legal in the United States. Before scientific polling became the standard in the mid-1900s, election wagering was one of the best ways to predict the outcome of an election. (The United Kingdom still allows betting on electionsincluding contests within the United States.) For the 2016 election, CNN has partnered with a prediction market called Pivit, which allows participants to bet points instead of money to predict the outcome of political events ranging from the House's selection for a new Speaker, the likelihood that a presidential candidate will drop out of the race and, of course, the final outcome of the race for the White House.

At the South Point Casino, Vaccaro recently started putting up the odds of presidential contenders on the sportsbook's screen just for entertainment purposes, and says people ask him every day how they can place a bet on the election. Looking over the packed room on a typical Sunday during football season, he can only dream what it would look like on Election Day.

"It would be the biggest thing we'd ever booked," he predicted. "It would make the Super Bowl look like a high school football game."

For now, however, you'll just have to stick to sports.


Play the Political Prediction Market

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How often do you win gambling?

Rarely do I come out ahead but I do have enough sense to quit when I do happen to be ahead. Well,most of the time I quit when I am ahead, maybe not always. :)


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